Mission Trip Information

The MAASAI Development Project (MDP) offers mission trips twice a year, June/July and October. Trips include medical/dental clinics, building, and involvement with community projects and outreach. You will have the opportunity to stay at the Maasai Development Project Education Centre (MDPEC) and interact with our children while becoming acquainted with the local culture. You will enjoy viewing the big game animals up close on safari with a one-night stay at a beautiful five-star safari camp in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.  As you say goodbye to Kenya, we believe you will leave a piece of your heart in Maasailand while looking forward to your next MDP mission trip experience.

You don’t need a medical degree to minister to the Maasai. There are a variety of opportunities to participate which include:

·         Joining the support team for the clinics

·         Sorting meds in the pharmacy

·         Registering patients

·         Cleaning and preparing dental instruments

·         Gardening, maintenance, building and other projects at the MDP Education Centre

If mission travel isn’t for you, other opportunities for participation include:

·         Donations to purchase medicines

·         Donations for Mission Trip building projects

·         Donations for food and water distribution

·         Donate to help sponsor a mission trip participant



Past Mission Trip Comments

“My two weeks in Kenya are in my top ten weeks of my life.  Even for $100 million I wouldn’t trade my 2 weeks in Kenya for I will never be the same.  I heard the best singing in my life.  The girls at the MDPEC sang praises to God almost 24/7.  I was so blessed by them.  I’ll never forget them and their singing.  I believe that is how we will sound like when we sing in heaven.  If you are thinking of going to Kenya I hope you will go because you will see God in a different light there; not how America has distorted how we think He is.” – Bjorn Stickle

“Traveling to Kenya this summer was the first major trip I’ve ever been on.  It was an amazing experience.  Immediately upon arriving at MDPEC I was reminded of how spoiled I am as an American and how little I appreciate what I have.  While I was in Kenya I helped mostly with VBS.  Interacting with kids that have so little but are warm and loving reminded me that it’s not what you have that matters most.  The MDP lay pastors/translators were encouraging as they helped in anyway they could and were always praising God throughout the day.  Even at the end of the day, when everyone was tired, they would sing and share with the rest of us.  The overall atmosphere of the mission trip was “How can I help?”  To me this is precisely how God wants us to live our lives–looking for ways we can reach out and help someone else.” – Rachel Mountain

“This was my first mission trip ever, and now I never want to stop going!  I did Pharmacy most of the days and I really enjoyed it.  I loved seeing all of the little children come through line at clinic and also waiting outside at VBS, and then their expression after they had been treated!  I hope to go on many, many more mission trips!” – Ashlyn Habenicht