January 2018

January 7, 2018

Happy New Year!

May this New Year find you each healthy, happy and filled with peace in your hearts.

This letter also brings many thanks to our sponsors who have sent money to help make our children’s Christmas a bit more special.  This year we were able to get a big screen Television set for the dormitory with DVD player. When I was at the Centre in November, the girls asked if it was a possibility to get one so that they could keep up on the news and watch choirs singing.  We talked about the request and didn’t know if we would have the funds, but when we checked the Christmas fund, we had just enough money to make the purchase for the girls.  Our Administrator, Ogoti Kenani, delivered it shortly before Christmas. They sent me a picture of all the girls with HOPE channel playing in the middle of Maasailand at our MDP Education Centre.  The girls are thrilled and send their deep gratitude and thanks.

As I write this letter, I am in the midst of having to say good-bye to my mother who has been such an encourager and supporter of Maasai Development Project.  Always encouraging me not to give up but to continue, regardless of the situation.  She and my father taught me to work hard, brought me up to be kind and compassionate to all people regardless of who they are.  I can’t imagine what it will be like when that final good-bye is said, but one thing I know is that she would want me to continue with the work God has given me to do.  Having said that, I am thinking of other great supporters of MDP that have been laid to rest.  I long for the day when I meet each of them in heaven, introducing them to the children they have helped give a better life, the lay pastors they have enabled to give hope to those who were living in need of hope.  As I continue to reflect, may I just say how grateful I am to each of you that help us continue with our work.  There are days when I wonder if we will be able to continue.  It is usually at that time when one of you supporters will send an unexpected gift, a word of encouragement or a phone call.  At other times I will get a message from one of our workers or one of our children.  At those moments I refocus, thanking the Lord that He has given me this wonderful opportunity to do a small part for Him in reaching out to those in need.

This is a new year, a time to look forward, and to once again join hands to help the children in need of a safe place to live, along with the opportunity to receive an education.  It is a time to work doubly hard to bring hope to a world that is full of heartache and difficulties.  Hope is what MDP aspires to give.  Together, we will meet the financial obligations of feeding the hungry, clothing the children, and giving each child an opportunity to reach for the stars through education.  Together we will meet the medical needs of communities where medical help is scarce. Together we will send our lay pastors to reach out to communities with the good news of hope in Jesus.  Together we will meet the ever-increasing need for financial sacrificial donations and missionary volunteers.  Thank you!!

Blessing for the New Year,

Jan Latsha
Maasai Development Project


Jan Latsha