September - December 2017

Holiday Greetings,

The year has flown by, it is hard to believe that the Holiday Season is here again!! We at MDP want to say a special thank you for all you have done for our MDP family, children and lay pastors.

Our fall Medical Mission Trip ended in mid-November. The Lord blessed the trip immensely. With the election turmoil we were unsure whether to continue with the trip, however, we were impressed that we should go forward believing that God had a plan for this trip. In just four and a half days, Dr. John Taylor, saw 619 medical patients with his wife Rita Taylor fitting 144 people with prescription glasses and 137 with reading glasses besides giving sunglasses as well. After fitting one young boy with glasses, he looked out the window and exclaimed, “I can see my sheep and goats now”! In one day alone, Dr. Taylor examined and treated a total of 265 patients, finishing up by the light of a flashlight!

This was John and Rita’s fifth trip with MDP. Serving this number of people was possible because of the well-organized help of our lay pastors, four of our older MDP Children on school holiday and our own MDP driver and his son. After being seen by John or Rita, every patient was prayed with and for prior to leaving the clinic.

One of the last patients to come through line was a lady with four young girls with her. The lady stated, the older girl helping to care for the 3 younger children was deaf and couldn’t speak, so not to bother talking with her. After watching this young girl, it was evident by her expressions that she could indeed hear. Our MDPEC Manager James Nanka and one of our secondary students took this young girl aside and spoke with her. Her name is Janifer and she is 11 years old. She had been given to this family as a servant until she was circumcised and then married into the family.

Janifer could not be rescued until James had spoken to the Child Protection Agency. So the next day after reporting Janifer’s situation to the authorities, James left on his motorcycle to pick Janifer up and bring her to the MDP Education Centre. However, the family had suspected that they would lose Janifer when they saw James talking with her the day before.  The grandfather was angry that he might lose his dowry for her. The next morning he beat her and sent her away on a motorcycle to hide until they could arrange to have her secretly circumcised and married. James called me, saying he couldn’t find her and to please pray. We claimed Psalms 32:8 and Isaiah 30:21. As the promises were claimed, James was able to find Janifer and bring her back to the Centre. She arrived, relieved but uncertain and scared. When taken to the dormitory and introduced to the other MDPEC girls, they surrounded her in greeting, took her by the hand to get showered and fine clean clothes, making her feel instantly at home. The girls were happy to share whatever they had with her. In just a few days Janifer was almost unrecognizable – she was smiling and laughing with the girls in her new home. She now is safe and will receive an education. Would you help us find a sponsor for Janifer? Whenever Rita or I would go up to her she would hug and kiss us.  It was with tears that we left the Centre to go back to Nairobi.

During this season of thankfulness, we want to thank you for those of you who helped in getting our vehicle back on the road.  It is running great!  It felt much safer having new tires and brakes, the engine running smoothl and the bonus?  Even the air conditioner is working now.  PTL!

Thank you to all of those who took part in our mission trip programs, over 2,000 patients were blessed with health care and free medicines with loving care.  Over 1,000 families and school children were fed during the drought with food from the money that Upper Columbia Academy students and faculty fund raised.  New sidewalks were made from the guesthouse to the dormitory on both sides of the dorm, the kitchen and food storeroom has been enlarged and MUCH improved.

Two of our university students will be finishing school this month, Josphine with Teaching and Millicent with Business studies.  Martha will be finishing in April with Lab Technician, with her sister Esther starting her third year of university in January.  Five more students joined college in September and five more have just graduated from high school this month.  Three girls finished primary school and will be joining the other secondary students in January making the total of 19 secondary students.   With two girls joining us in November we now have 29 children in primary school.  This is a tremendously heavy load.  Many of our children are not sponsored and as you have read in previous monthly letters, each month is a miracle of its own.

Two funds are set up for helping our children without sponsors, the “General Girls Fund” and the “Wander Family Scholarship Fund”.  The latter fund helps to supplement our children in college and university.

You also helped to sponsor 26 Maasai Lay Pastors in the field.  These men and one woman are sacrificing daily to give hope to their indigenous brothers and sisters. They are invaluable to the success of our medical/dental mission trips. Many of our pastors still do not have sponsors and need your help or the help of someone you may know.

As the Lord continues to bless MDP, the Lay Pastors, and MDPEC girls, we ask that you please continue to pray for them as the turmoil of the elections in Kenya has not ceased.

We at MDP wish you and your family a blessed Holiday Season and New Year

Jan Latsha
Maasai Development Project

Jan Latsha