May 29, 2019 Update Letter

May 29, 2019

 Dear Friends,

This month has flown by, finally I feel that I am beginning to catch up here in the office.  I’ve just been looking back at my pictures from March and April.  One of the first pictures that I came across was one of Tomonik.  She is finishing her last year in cookery and bakery.  When we arrived, she was doing her practical's at Entomoto Safari Camp.  When she heard we were arriving, she asked special permission to take five days off so that she could come and cook for us during our first week there.  At the end of this letter, I will post a couple of pictures for you to see her in action. My mouth waters just looking at the pictures.  While there, we discussed plans for the bakery and café  for when she is done.  She is excited and so are we! 

There are two groups of donors that all of us at MDPEC want to say a special thank you to.  One is to the Chadron church, who made 70 fleece blankets for our children.  We are all very grateful.  Look for pictures at the end of this letter.  Also to Dorothy Bednar who has been making quilts for the girls.  The girls were excited to choose from many different colors.  The Chadron church and also the Spokane Valley church donated bed sheets for the girls.  What a blessing!  We are still in need of about 50 sets of twin size sheets .

What fun we had as we followed our new tractor around as it made its maiden voyage  around the campus, mowing the grass.   Of course we had to go ahead of it and pick up rocks to  get out of the way of the tractor, but no one seemed to mind, we were all just so happy. What an improvement!  Our campus looked so nice for the seminar that we held in April.

I was very proud of our older girls. Each market day they would package up the bread they had baked, and take it to the market to sell.  They were raising money to buy clothes for college, which they started in May.  They also baked bread for our seminar, several hundred small loaves. This was all baked in a coal burning stove in the dormitory.  (Need that Bakery)  One day they decided that everyone needed a change from the bread, so they spent the day making chapatis for all the participants. There were nights they stayed up until midnight working to make sure everyone had bread.  Even with all the work ,they still were able to participate in most of the meetings for the youth.  (See pictures!)

The weekend before the seminar began, we brought in our lay pastors from Kajiado District along with all of our Narok Districts lay pastors.  The Sabbath before the seminar, we had a special service together before our second baptism at Enkoriko.  After the baptism and lunch, we had a praise and testimony service under the trees. How we praised, sang, and shared of how God has been working in each area. We laughed and prayed together.  In listening to our men, especially those who are in hard-to-reach places and in areas where they have to travel by foot, with danger of elephants and leopards etc., I realized just how badly many of them really do need a motorbike for their travel and safety. On our way home from Enkorika, a leopard passed in front of us, right where our group would normally be walking.  I checked on the cost of motorbikes and we can get them from $1,800 to $2,000 each.  One of our men even had a close encounter with an elephant.  We are thankful that he was protected!

Until next month, 

Jan Latsha
Maasai Development Project

Jan Latsha